On the farm

You are searching for recovery, privacy, intact nature, familiar atmosphere and sufficient space for your children to play and discover the nature and life on the farm? Then our holiday farm is the right place for you!


For your children there are a lot of possibilities:

- They can frolic around on the farm.

- They can assist in the stable.

- They can use the children's playground.

- They can ride our horse.

- They can pet our animals.

- They can use our kids' corner.

- They can play table tennis.


Also parents, grandparents and hikers find recovery and relaxation on our farm. We offer:

- a Finnish sauna

- a big garden (including a barbecue place)

- a comfortable lounge

- ample breakfast

- a collection of books


Friendly atmosphere and personal care are very important for us!


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Fam. Pfoser

Lichtenberg 39
A-4161 Ulrichsberg
Tel.: +43 (07288) 23 58